Do you live or work in Fitzrovia West (west of Cleveland Street
and Charlotte Street) 
and care about safeguarding our unique environment?

FitzWest was designated a Business Neighbourhood Forum by Westminster City Council in 2015 and over 200 local people and businesses have joined.  This designation was extended for another five years in February 2020. The Forum has prepared a plan for the neighbourhood, targeting housing, enterprise, transport, air quality – and much more based on consultation with both residents and businesses.  And, now we need your involvement too!

If you live or work within the red line, or you are part of an organisation that works within the area, you are welcome to join the Forum.  Membership is free and will qualify you to be involved in the plan as it comes to fruition. In the final stage, all businesses and residents are invited to vote in a referendum on the plan.  If you would like to be involved, just fill in the application form here.


Coronovirus and Fitzrovia

The Covid-19 virus is having a significant impact on the residents and businesses of Fitzrovia. We hope you are all coping in these strange new times we now live in. Westminster Council provides...

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