Is Fitzrovia West large enough to be considered a neighbourhood in its own right?

Yes.  There are several smaller forums already well on the way to recognition in Westminster itself. All over the country very small neighbourhoods, hamlets and villages have been recognised and are doing excellent work. See the map below.

Will the Forum discuss issues other than planning?

Though the Neighbourhood Plan must be a first priority, our objectives are wider than just planning. Already, special interest groups are starting to talk about wider initiatives. We will be guided by The Forum, as regards other priorities.

Who is on the Executive Committee?

You can see whose on the Executive Committee here

What are your contact details?

c/o Fitzrovia Community Centre
2 Foley Street

Tel 020 7580 8620 (messages only)
E: info@fitzwest.org

What do you stand for?

Our Vision

A vibrant, prosperous, creative and connected neighbourhood where people from all sectors and communities enjoy well being and work collaboratively to ensure that their living and working needs and interests are met in an inclusive and equitable manner

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that Fitzrovia develops as a habitable, sustainable and neighbourly community through all means available including planning, collaborative working and community enterprise.


  • To produce, and help to implement a Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Development Plan that delivers the vision of the Forum and the wider community;
  • To promote the social, economic and environmental well-being of the people of Fitzrovia with Westminster Council and other relevant bodies;
  • To help foster community spirit and encourage local democracy and civic pride.

The Steering Group agreed early on that Fitzrovia West Mission should also abide by some core values:

  • We are transparent, democratic and inclusive
  • We deal constructively with everyone
  • We recognise that we may not agree with everyone and every organisation, but that should not stop us working with them
  • We welcome business, residential members and representatives of institutions and organisations
  • The facts are important to us

FitzWest is a Business Forum. What does that mean?

Westminster CC has decided that all neighbourhoods that cover parts of the West End central business district should be business areas. That means that we must consult with business and residents, and that there will be two referenda, one for business rate-payers and one for residents.

Do you have the capacity and resources?

Fitzrovia West has considerable professional capacity and manpower. Our Executive and Special Interest Groups comprise members with many years’ experience in town planning, law, accountancy, public consultation and inter-agency working. Several of our members have served/or do serve on local community committees and trusts. The group is not, therefore, untried. We have, moreover, been able to call on the support of a number of local businesses and organisations for premises, office services and financial resources, including the Fitzrovia Community Centre and Westminster University.

We have decided that membership of the Forum will be free to all. In order to keep up the public consultation and ensure the professionalism of our approach, we will be applying for funds from recognised funders to cover costs like the setting up of this website, postage, printing, running events and information gathering. We may also run fundraising activities.

What are Fitzrovia People's views?

At a public meeting (Wednesday 13th November) the 80 or so Fitzrovia West residents and businesses present voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Fitzrovia West proposal. At a subsequent meeting on 15th July 2014, the community once more showed their support, and a similar number of people attended.

We remain committed to working closely with Fitzrovia residents and businesses to represent their views.

The Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association and the Fitzrovia West Group

The Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association, a respected local charity, originally entertained setting up a joint area with the Marylebone Association. However, on 13th December 2013 the association issued a statement abandoning that policy and stating that they did not wish to become involved in neighbourhood planning at all.

The Fitzrovia West group is formed from local residents and businesses, and since its inception in September 2013 has conducted extensive public consultation within the Fitzrovia West area, including public meetings and leafleting. We have gathered more than 150 supporters.

The Fitzrovia West Forum Executive Committee has been elected by members of the forum at a public meeting. The Fitzrovia West Forum is a “relevant body” to make the application under the terms of the Section 61G of the TCPA 1990 being an organization or body which is capable of being designated as a Neighbourhood Forum.