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Letter from Westminster Council:

Westminster is at the heart of London’s night-time and visitor economy. Whilst licensed premises contribute a huge amount to the economy and vibrancy of the City, they can also create problems for residents and local services. During the Covid-19 pandemic, and especially as restrictions ease, there has been an increase in the number of premises in Westminster offering delivery services.  There has been an increase in ancillary deliveries from existing premises and a growing number of applications for delivery centres where food and drink is delivered by either their own delivery personnel or via a third party delivery service.

Whilst we support businesses in Westminster to innovate and diversify, residents have told us that they have some concerns about these developments.  In order to support safe, responsible and positive growth the Licensing Authority is proposing amendments to its Statement of Licensing Policy (SLP).

Introduction of new premise uses policies

The Licensing Authority proposes to introduce three new policies, these are:

*   Ancillary Delivery of Alcohol and/or Late-Night Refreshment Policy (DEL1)
*   Shops Policy (SHP1)
*   Delivery Centre Policy (DC1)

Policy DEL1 will apply to venues such as restaurants and bars that want to offer deliveries in addition to their main activities.  The presumption is to grant these applications subject to other policies.

Policy SHP1 will replace the existing Off sales of alcohol policy (OS1).  The policy will apply to any premises whose primary function is the sale of goods or the offer of services.  The policy is more comprehensive than OS1 as it covers all licensable activities that these premises may carry out.

Policy DC1 will apply to venues where the primary function is the sale of alcohol and food via a delivery service.  Applications will generally be granted if they are not in predominantly residential areas and subject to other policies.

Other changes

The introduction of these policies will require a number of amendments across the SLP, including:

•        Amendments to the Core Hours Policy (HRS1) to reflect the new premises uses

•        The Off Sales of Alcohol Policy will be deleted.

•        Amend other premises uses policies to refers to ancillary delivery.

We want to know what you think

Consultation will run from Monday 14 June to Sunday 25 July 2021. The consultation documents will be published on our website on the 14th June. The link to the relevant page is< (please note that this page will not be live until the 14th June).

If you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of the team at<>



Planning Application 21/02787/FULL
Address: 18 Mortimer Street London W1T 3JN
Proposal: Infill of the front basement lightwell including two skylights and alterations to the ground floor front facade to replace the existing shopfront window with smaller windows.
The Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum objects to the proposal to remove the existing shop window, to replace it with two smaller windows, and to fill in the lightwell for residential use.  Our objection to Westminster City Council is as follows:

This building appears to be Georgian in character although the facade of the upper floors may have been at a later date. The large ground floor shop window, railings and basement does add character to the street scene and should be retained. The covering over of the basement and replacement of two smaller unevenly sized windows would completely destroy the character of the building. We note the East Marylebone CA Audit recognises the historic and visual of this window.

There is also some doubt about the authorised use of the building. An application (95/08723/FULL) in 1995 approved a change of use (to the whole building?) to A2 financial services and it was occupied by Ivan Massow Associates. This name can still be seen on the shop window. There is no evidence that a lawful residential use was for any part of the building.

We would like to see the shop window, railings and lightwell retained and would support the continuing commercial use (E) of the ground floor and basement if this means they can be brought back into beneficial use as they are.

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