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This is an application from a local resident. They started greening Carburton Street eight years ago which made enormous changes and benefits to this area, stopping antisocial behaviour, littering and improving air quality along with nurturing wildlife.  Westminster Council have regularly provided plants with residents financing the rest.

This application is for funds to maintain and replace plants and equipment in the future.

You can read the Carburton Street Greening application here.

5th August 2022 – This application has been successful so this ongoing greening project can continue.

Although the Forum endorsed and submitted (on the resident’s behalf) the neighbourhood CIL application for the Greening Carburton Street project, and at WCC’s request has agreed to hold the neighbourhood CIL money granted for the project on the resident’s behalf, the Forum will not have any involvement with or responsibility for the administration or implementation of the project, which rests with the resident.



The Forum received an application for funding to go towards their target of £398,400 to support the renovation of a space previously used by the Soho Poly Theatre in Riding House Street until it closed in 1990.

The intention is to create a fully equipped 50-seat working theatre for performances and for hosting other events including community uses.  The facility is within the basement of the larger University of Westminster building on Little Titchfield Street but will have a dedicated lift and access point on Riding House Street.  Match funding has been offered by the University and other companies and funding organisations.

The theatre group organised a public viewing of the space on 26th January and this was attended by a number of residents as well as a West End ward councillor and candidates at the May local election.  Members of the CIL Sub-Committee and all three ward councillors were sent copies of the Soho Poly Theatre Soho Poly Theatre CIL Application Form and asked for their views.  All replied offering positive support for the offer of funding.

The application was successful. 

The Interesting History of the Soho Poly Theatre

Greening around New Cavendish Street East

Thank you to all the residents and businesses who responded to our consultation about planters in Fitzrovia.
The response was overwhelmingly supportive and included lots of great ideas for other places and greening initiatives. And also many offers to help look after the planters with watering and weeding.

100% of respondents were in favour of greening generally in the area and 94% were in favour of all the suggested sites. You can read the full report here:  Consultation Report Greening New Cavendish Street East.
We really hope that if we are able to successfully achieve this small amount of greening, then we can begin on other projects.
We have made some adjustments to the proposal, taking into account feedback and concerns (for example the corner planters at locations 2 and 5 will be a smaller rectangle shape not the larger square shape in the photographs – which means there will still be space there for people to wait at these spots when the pavement on New Cavendish Street is crowded.)



Funding Application from CIL

We had anticipated having enough money to complete this project using the Tesco funding, but costs have increased because the planters are on the public highway so we now need safety checks, traffic impact assessments etc. As a result we  applied for further funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and we have been successful and are able to complete this project. We  have  submitted a Maintenance Plan as requested by Westminster Council and we are currently waiting to hear  about the next steps to receiving the funding and making this project happen.

You can read the Greening New Cavendish Street East CIL Application Form here



This project is currently on hold pending a decision about Oxford Street.

But you can read the Market Place Development CIL Application Form here.

Market Place Concept