Vision & Objectives


The Localism Act 2011 gave local communities the right to shape the sustainable development of their area, through the production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). The key objectives were given as:

  • To put unprecedented power in the hands of communities to shape the places in which they live;
  • To better support growth to give the next generation the chance that our generation has had to have a decent home, and to allow the jobs to be created on which our prosperity depends; and
  • To ensure that the places we cherish – our countryside, towns and cities – are bequeathed to the next generation in a better condition than they are now.

Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) are to be produced by Neighbourhood Forums. The Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum (Fitzrovia West) was formed in September 2013 and has representation from both local residents and businesses.  The Fitzrovia West Forum is a “relevant body” to make the application under the terms of the Section 61G of the TCPA 1990 being an organisation or body which is capable of being designated as a Neighbourhood Forum.


Our Vision

A vibrant, prosperous, creative and connected neighbourhood where people from all sectors and communities enjoy well being and work collaboratively to ensure that their living and working needs and interests are met in an inclusive and equitable manner.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that Fitzrovia develops as a habitable, sustainable and neighbourly community through all means available including planning, collaborative working and community enterprise.



  • To produce, and help to implement a Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Development Plan that delivers the vision of the Forum and the wider community;
  • To promote the social, economic and environmental well-being of the people of Fitzrovia with Westminster Council and other relevant bodies;
  • To help foster community spirit and encourage local democracy and civic pride.


Values and Approach

We believe that locally managed change can be positive.  We will work constructively and collaboratively with Westminster City Council, The Greater London Authority and other bodies to ensure that our local voice is recognised and our views respected.


Our Values

We seek to be transparent and democratic, collaborative and inclusive, creative and innovative, equitable and neighbourly.


Our Approach

We will:

  • Value the intrinsic character of the area, recognising that it stems from the dynamism and diversity of the residential community, the vitality and mix of businesses as well as the quality of architecture and urban design;
  • Contribute to discussions and initiatives beyond our boundaries that can support our aims and those of our neighbouring communities;
  • Work constructively with local developers and landowners to ensure that any development proposal that comes forward has local input at an early stage and contributes to the intrinsic qualities of Fitzrovia that makes this area habitable, socially and economically vibrant and sustainable;
  • Work with the authorities and funding bodies to ensure that the infrastructure, physical, economic, social, educational and digital, of Fitzrovia is improved in relevant ways and that funding for the area is fair;
  • Take advantage of any powers, including statutory powers, given to a designated Neighbourhood Forum.



It is expected that the activities of the Forum, in order to deliver its objectives, will include:

  • Preparing the plan;
  • Raising awareness in Fitzrovia West of the Forum, its aims, objectives and what it stands for;
  • Organising and utilising the resources within the local community in the delivery of the objectives and for the benefit of all residents and businesses within the area;
  • Discussing matters of interest and concern to Fitzrovia West and the surrounding area;
  • Discussing these matters with Westminster City Council and other agencies and organisations and representing the views of local residents and businesses to those bodies;
  • Raising issues where action is required to alleviate social and economic disadvantage and to improve the environment, appearance and/or amenities of the area;
  • Commenting on any proposal before Westminster City Council or other agencies or bodies which affects the local neighbourhood;
  • Making bids to, and assist Westminster City Council in prioritising schemes in the area under various public spending programmes;
  • Providing feedback on Westminster City Council and other statutory service providers and to advise Westminster City Council and others on the development of their corporate priorities and service plans;
  • To maintain regular contact and collaborate with nearby neighbourhood forums where issues of common concern arise;
  • Commenting, and when appropriate, making representations on wider issues affecting the area and neighbouring areas.



This boundary will be subject to review every five years as will be the function, formation and structure of the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum.