Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Questionnaire Results


Thank you to everyone who responded to our questionnaire. Below we publish the responses we have received.

As at 131213

We sent out a questionnaire on the back of the invitation to a public meeting and placed it onto the website.    We received 30 replies to that questionnaire.  Pressure of time limited our ability to collect any more.  However we propose to repeat this work in the New Year, to see if the initial findings are supported by a larger sample.

Though the sample was small there was some consistency of views in the questionnaire and in the postcards sent in response to WCC consultation.  We were pleased to see that a good proportion of the responders represented businesses as well as residents.  8 of the replies came from people who both lived and worked in the area.

What I especially like about Fitzrovia is:

  • I can walk everywhere. The variety of people and businesses. Not too corporate/money
  • 90% calm and quiet
  • The feeling of community also the hidden village aspect
  • Variety, independent cafes and shops, friendly neighbours, quiet in evenings and at weekends, beautiful old buildings.
  • Its variety and relative quiet
  • The atmosphere of a village
  • Its independent spirit
  • It is my birthplace.  Since 1987 I have seen it blossom
  • The sense of community that is possible with people who choose to live in this neighbourhood and relate to their neighbours.
  • Social mix, mix of housing, safe, restaurants and cafes, galleries, proximity to west end
  • Social mix, galleries, business mix
  • The community spirit, the history of the area
  • Great location, low crime, community spirit
  • Its great and diverse cultural scene
  • When I moved into Cleveland Street in 1979 I liked the mixed use classes.  This was known as the poor part of All Soul’s Church’s parish. Obviously there were no supermarkets to speak of apart from the little Tesco in Goodge St but lots of local ethnic shops where you could get top-up food. (Further comments illegible – related to luxury flats)
  • lively mix of small shops, residential and offices; sense of community; central – can walk everywhere
  • We bought 15 years ago. We want the area to stay as cosmopolitan as it is without overcrowding
  • I love the fact that most people do not have cars and so walk or cycle down the street

The Most Important Issue for Fitzrovia’s future is:

  • Cynical property development altering the nature of the area.
  • Street lightness
  • Keep it as a recognised area (West and East)
  • Keeping residential/small business involvement
  • Impact of new development
  • No way should it become east Marylebone!
  • Not to lose its independent spirit
  • The character and atmosphere remains charming and independent
  • Maintaining the diversity of the residential population with independent shopkeepers.
  • Planning
  • Planning
  • New building works, pollution, rubbish on the streets
  • Maintaining the community and local amenities
  • Keeping its unique community spirit
  • Comments illegible, related to providing more affordable housing and less multi-millionaire apartments without.
  • Small shops and middle-income households being driven out by luxury redevelopments, which are then tenanted by short term visitors or left half-empty, reducing the sense of community and the residential character of the area.
  • Traffic and schools
  • The intrusiveness of private cars in streets where most people walk or cycle.

Other important issues are:


Pressure for development                      24
Cost of housing                                      13
Space for small business                       20
The state of streets and pavements       13
The impact of Crossrail                            9

Other issues:

  • Is there a shift from small companies to big ones?  Or is it just me?
  • Noise and crowded pavements from pubs and bars
  • Noise, air quality
  • I would love to see the area of Great Titchfield Street between Mortimer Street and Langham/Foley St pedestrianized to encourage local interaction
  • Policing in streets
  • The agenda of local estate agents to gentrify the neighbourhood and extend Soho northwards.
  • Parking
  • Space for affordable artists’ studios.
  • Rubbish collection
  • Absence of large supermarket – too many small one that sell little but sandwiches and ready meals.
  • [The Local Authority] is servicing us well with rubbish pick up. It has not been responsive to hire car firms parking in the street, is trying to take away our ability to turn into our car park.
  • Food shops have to pay the same rent and council tax as sex shops and banks

I live in the area                 25 responses
I work in the area              13 responses

 The questions were as follows:
1. What I especially like about Fitzrovia is:
2. The most important issue for Fitxrovia’s future is:
3. Other issues of importance to me are: (TIck as appropriate)
Pressure for development
The cost of housing
Space for5 small business
The sate of streets and pavements
The impact of crossrail
Poor services (Please specify)
Other issues (Please specify)
4. About you – (please tick as appropriate)
I work in the area
I live in the area