Proposals to amend traffic flows in Tottenham Court Road and Gower St and environmental improvements; deadline18 July 2014


Camden are consulting on proposals to close Tottenham Court Road to all traffic but buses and bicycles, and restore two-way traffic to it and to Gower Street, and other environmental improvements. Full details are here

While the proposals appear attractive in many ways, there are concerns about the impact of displaced traffic on smaller streets in surrounding areas, including the Fitzrovia West area.

Details of projected changes in traffic flows can be found here (see further links to detailed tables on that page)

There is a fuller discussion of the issues in Fitzrovia News here

The Fitzrovia West NF steering group is finding out more about the proposals and about Westminster City Council’s views on them. In the meantime, we encourage anyone to respond in a personal capacity. If you would also like us to respond as a group please leave your comments below and we will coordinate them.