The boundary, as designated by Westminster City Council is shown below. This represents a slightly larger area than we proposed, due to the decision to include both sides of Great Portland Street.

Fitzrovia Map


Below is the boundary we applied for set within the context of other neighbouring areas.

140401 Fitzrovia Areas as designated by Camden and Westminster council’s


Following discussions with various neighbouring areas, with local landowners and a public meeting on 13th November 2013, alterations were made to the proposed area boundaries.  

These are:

  • Removal of the Broadcasting House site, and the block north of the BBC.  In response to resident requests and representation from The Marylebone Association and the International Student House.
  • Removal of the area covered by the Regent Street Conservation Area and ownership of Crown Estates.  In response to discussions with landowners and Soho Society.
  • In response to Westminster City Council’s decision, the FitzWest area now includes most of the properties that lie on the  west side of Great Portland Street, to ensure that the street is considered as an entity.

We thank all those who helped us arrive at what we now hope is a consensual boundary.