We’ve been working away behind the scenes in order to make sure that everyone in the area is as up to date as possible about the forum.  Part of that is forging closer links with our local paper, Fitzrovia News.  We hope to be able to bring you an article about the Neighbourhood Forum in each forthcoming issue.

Here is a link to our most recent issue:

And now we’ve opened a twitter handle, @FitzWestForum to make access to the group easier and more immediate.  We’ll be tweeting news about the forum, pictures of the area and information about our wonderful range of shops and cafes.  We are really keen to RT anything you want to say, especially if you live, work or visit Fitzrovia.  So if you are on Twitter, do follow us.

Join the forum here   – its free!

The musician who is currently the face of FitzWest was one of a band of jazz players who serenaded passers by in Langham Street one Saturday recently.