Neighbourhood Plan submitted to WCC/ Riding House Street Consultation/Successful re-designation of the Forum

8 March, 2020 | Consultations

Neighbourhood Plan submitted

We have now submitted the revised Neighbourhood Plan and other documentation to Westminster City Council.


Riding House Street -Public Realm Improvements – Consultation

Have your say on the consultation on public realm improvements on Riding House Street between its junctions with Nassau Street and Cleveland Street.  FM Conway, service provider to Westminster City Council, has been commissioned to undertake this consultation on behalf of the City Council.

The scheme proposals are set out here in a letter from Westminster Council with a map of the area  and summarised below:

  • Formalised permanent road closure at east end of Riding House Street.
  • Creation of a pedestrian zone with a flush surface throughout paved with two tone concrete paving.
  • Benches and planting to improve public amenity and change the nature of Riding House Street from a road to a functional pedestrian space.
  • Removal of the existing zebra crossing as it is no longer required. An informal pedestrian route between All Souls School sites is highlighted in the proposed paving pattern.
  • Cycle parking facilities.
  • Two-way operation to the east of Nassau Street to maintain access to motorcycle parking and for servicing vehicles.

Westminster Council welcome your views on the proposals.  Any comments on the proposals should be returned no later than the closing date of 10/03/20 to


Redesignation of FitzWest as a Neighbourhood Forum

We are delighted to report that FitzWest was successfully redesignated on 20 February 2020 as a Neighbourhood Forum. Thanks to everyone for  for contacting Westminster Council to support us.