New Unwelcome Inhabitants of Hanson Street

24 September, 2020 | Consultations

One of our Forum members, Edward Kellow has started blogging about Hanson Street, where he lives and in recent days has been noticing the rubbish that is left on his street.

He says:
The Back Story: Ratatouille 24/7

  • Previously we reported that a rat was trying to influence refuse and waste dumping behaviour in Hanson Street

  • Westminster Council threaten to fine people who put out rubbish before 07.00 am

  • The point is that vermin in the area are dining very well on rubbish that is dumped on our pavements at all times of the day and night

  • Westminster are not getting their message across.rats

His website is recording what happens.

FitzWest has set up a small team to discuss recurring complaints about rubbish with the council.  The new portfolio holder has met with us and will be happy to consider any better arrangement that we can conceive of.  We want to include the community in ideas so please leave a comment below or tweet a comment on our twitter feed. @FitzWestForum