Broadband in Fitzrovia

25 September, 2020 | Digital | 1 comment

Broadband in Central London. (Downloaded September 2018)

Some of our members have asked us to address the issues of poor broadband speeds in our area.   So, we have written to the MP Mark Field and to Theo Blackwell to appeal for their help.

This is what we said;

I enclose an image showing how poor download speeds are in the West End.  The received opinion seems to be that the West End is a business zone that can afford to go it alone.  However in Fitzrovia we have the highest residential density in the West End and the lowest wealth scores.
On behalf of residents and small businesses/start-ups who can’t afford private fibre services we appeal for your help.
Surely the centre of a dynamic city like London should have digital infrastructure that is second to none – not third rate?
Is there anything practical that can be done? This is stifling small business opportunity in an important centre of creative and digital endeavour.
Ironically both Google and Facebook have chosen to locate offices in this zone.  How can smaller firms and individuals hope to share if they can’t even download a medium sized pdf?
As a community neighbourhood group we are willing to help and support new initiatives.  We’d love to be super fast guinea pigs!







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  1. Ann Diego

    Mark Field has yet to surprise me with any positive attention to issues I care about but I applaud your tenacious diplomacy and many thanks for making the effort.