Draft Neighbourhood Plan – February 2019

1 February, 2020 | The Plan | 2 comments

We are publishing our draft Neighbourhood Plan here for residents and businesses to consider it and give their views.

Please have a look and send  us your thoughts and comments.

Click here to see the draft Neighbourhood Plan





  1. Clive

    I think your organisation “Fitzwest” is reasonably dangerous, you are not an elected entity and do not represent locals, (at best a small group) and you have taken it upon yourselves to make unwarranted representations to local councils on behalf of residents. It will be interesting to see if you allow this post, I certainly hope so. There is a strong local community and you do not represent locals. I’m speaking as a resident of 20+ years,

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment. We are volunteers who are seeking to improve the FitzWest area through the development of a Neighbourhood Plan. Please feel free to come along to our AGM on Monday 13th May at 6 pm at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre on Howland Street. There you can find out about how the plan is progressing and you can also get involved and maybe help us as it is a big project and as I said, we are all volunteers who live and/or work in Fitzrovia. At the AGM you will see that the election of the Executive is by the members of FitzWestForum which anyone can join if they live or work in Fitzrovia. If you are not already a member, please do join as then you will get regular notifications about projects that you may like to be involved with – or contribute your point of view.