Reopening of the West End – how it affects residents and businesses

7 June, 2020 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

New West End Company  have released a report with ideas and plans for  the safe reopening of the West End.

NWEC – West End Reopening Guidance


Westminster City Council have constantly updated information on the Coronavirus pandemic and how it affects everyone in Westminster.

Latest information from Westminster Council




  1. Wendy Shillam

    i am concerned about the lack of public toilets at the moment. This requires 1. Proper advice and 2. Information for shoppers. I can’t see anything in NWE advice.
    I’ve found the first hour for elderly/vulnerable to be important. No mention?

    • Julia Haythorn

      Thanks Wendy. We agreed with that and have expressed our concerns to local councillors about this and other related issues:
      Lack of public toilet facilities and handwashing
      • Increase in takeaway food – dealing with the refuse
      • If department stores are opening then toilet facility should be open too.
      • Difficulties in drinking takeaway beverages in the street whilst maintaining social distancing in licenced area.

  2. Leslie Moran

    I am a West End resident. There is little in these plans that connects with local communities. The proposals are poor on how the plans to revive businesses in the West End interface with the needs of the communities in which the West End is based. Tourism and shopping are likely to be affected in the medium and long term so the West End will need to reimagine itself. One important opportunity to to engage more and build capacity to service the needs of the surrounding and more immediate communities.

    My experience of some of the pavement widening initiatives is that they make cycling more dangerous. Few new cycle lanes have been provided. Junctions have been narrowed so that buses now cross into the cycle zone at junctions as they round the corner. Measures are poorly thought out.

    • Julia Haythorn

      Thanks for your comments. It is important that all local residents have an input into these crucial issues.