Agenda for AGM – Thursday 13th October 6pm

21 September, 2020 | AGM, CIL | 1 comment

Please find details of the agenda below and do get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Agenda for Fitzwest Forum AGM Thursday 13th October 6pm
  1. Welcome
  2. Authorisation of late meeting
  3. Presentation of accounts
  4. Elections to the executive including new volunteers
  5. Presentation(s) on CIL projects including Market Place
  6. Cllr. Paul Dimoldenberg to speak on environmental issues in Fitzrovia
  7. Discussion on possible CIL projects – you can read the notes from the CIL meeting in February here.

1 Comment

  1. John Watkins

    There is a Westminster City Council hostel at 79 Newman Street. This houses troubled individuals.

    Unfortunately these individuals have for some time been causing a nuisance by screaming and shouting, which disturbs the residents of York House in Newman Street and Eastcastle Street, and also causes littering problems on the adjoining property 80 Newman Street.

    No doubt residents in other buildings in Newman Street are also similarly affected.

    These problems have been made known to Councillors Jonathan Glanz and Timothy Barnes.

    The freehold owner of 79 Newman Street, Centrica Combined Common Investment Fund Limited, managed by LaSalle have been notified of these problems and asked to stop the nuisance.

    This is not a suitable location for a hostel for troubled individuals and I suggest that the FitzWest Neighbourhood Plan should include policy to that effect.