Agenda for AGM – Thursday 13th October 6pm

Please find details of the agenda below and do get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Agenda for Fitzwest Forum AGM Thursday 13th October 6pm
  1. Welcome
  2. Authorisation of late meeting
  3. Presentation of accounts
  4. Elections to the executive including new volunteers
  5. Presentation(s) on CIL projects including Market Place
  6. Cllr. Paul Dimoldenberg to speak on environmental issues in Fitzrovia
  7. Discussion on possible CIL projects – you can read the notes from the CIL meeting in February here.

Invitation to AGM – Thursday 13th October 2022 – 6pm

Dear Fitzwest Forum Member

You are invited to the AGM on Thursday 13th October at 6pm.

Venue: Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, 25 Howland St, London W1T 4JG.

There will be the opportunity to learn a bit more about current Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) projects and how they are progressing, including plans for Market Place.

And if you are interested in joining the Executive or CIL committee and having a big say in how the CIL money is allocated, then you can find out how to do this as elections will be taking place.

It will be great to welcome you all in real life – after the last few years of virtual meetings!


FitzWest AGM and Referendum Reminder

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM on 8th July.

We received an update on the Neighbourhood Plan with the reminder that the referendum on the plan is fixed for September 2nd and all residents and business owners in the FitzWest area get a vote.

Application forms for postal votes can be downloaded here and the deadline for registering for a postal vote is August 17th :

and should be returned to

There were two other short presentations –  one about greening ideas for the area and another one by Jace Tyrell from the New West End Company about how businesses are thriving and surviving post-pandemic.

There were also questions and contributions from members which led to interesting discussions and it was apparent how committed everyone is to making Fitzrovia a great place to live and work.

You can read the full minutes here: AGM Minutes 8.7.21


Dear Member

Please join us for the AGM which, due to the ongoing restrictions, will be held via Zoom.

Your attendance at the AGM is particularly important this year as we will be discussing the forthcoming referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan. There will be information available about the Plan and the referendum.

If you wish to attend, please email us at by 4pm on Wednesday 7th July and we will send you the necessary link, password and documents.

Annual General Meeting – 17th September 2020

Annual General Meeting – 17th September 2020

AGM 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended the FitzWest Forum AGM on 17th September 2020.

Because of the current restrictions, we held this meeting via Zoom and it was well attended.

Gwilym Harbottle, who was chairing the meeting, reported on the re-designation of the Forum and of various greening projects the Forum has been supporting.

Nicholas Bailey gave an update on the Neighbourhood Plan including the new delayed time scale owing to Covid restrictions.  We are currently waiting to hear the feedback from the independent examiner.

Full details can be found in the minutes available here: Minutes AGM 17th Sept 20

Chris Martin of Urban Movement gave a presentation and took questions on the subject of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. The presentation is available here: Enjoyable-Cities-Streets_v8_Low-Traffic-Neighbourhoods.pdf

The Executive elections took place and the full results are available in the minutes: Minutes AGM 17th Sept 20

Yoram Blumann presented the accounts which are available to see here: Accounts 17th Sept 20

We want to make sure the FitzWest Forum is representative of all businesses and residents

We’re keen to ensure that our membership and Executive are fully representative of local residents and workers, since at least 35% of the population is of non-white ethnic origin. So we’re actively seeking new members and particularly to engage people from non-white ethnic groups and younger people.

As part of this aim, we have delivered leaflets to all residents and businesses in the FitzWest area inviting them to the Join the FitzWest Neighbourhood Forum and come to the next Annual Meeting on 17 September 2020 which will be run on Zoom this year.

Please share your ideas on how we could broaden our membership to make it more representative of the FitzWest population by emailing or commenting on this post.

If you are already a member, you could help by spreading the news about the FitzWest Forum to your neighbours and colleagues. Membership is free to local residents and businesses.

The FitzWest Forum is for people concerned about: housing; traffic and deliveries, space for small businesses; the need for more play space and green space; the environment and air quality. The Forum aims to address all these issues and represents those living and working on the Westminster side of Fitzrovia. The Annual Meeting will  report on progress and discuss how to improve the area. A speaker will talk about how to create a Low Traffic Neighbourhood.

If you would like to join the Annual Meeting on 17 September by Zoom please let us know by emailing

The consultation period for our neighbourhood plan was completed in August and it is now being examined by an independent expert.

Details of the plan are here:

Neighbourhood Plan Documents


The agenda for the next meeting will be on our website  For all other enquiries please email

Make sure your voice is heard.