It’s not rubbish; it’s serious.

9 April, 2020 | Consultations, Our Neighbourhood, Public Space | 3 comments

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The forum receives more complaints about rubbish than almost any other topic.  In response to this we have set up a sub-group to focus of the problems of rubbish disposal, dumping and collections in our area.

We’ve devised a questionnaire and we would be very grateful if you could fill it in for us, giving us your views.

If you have any further comments please feel free to add them in the comments box below, or if you are reading this on our home page use the quotation icon at the head of this article.

Thank you.


  1. Ray Cansick

    I am a City of Westminster recycling champion and live in FitzWest. I put myself forward to be part of the sub-group looking as waste but did not hear anything.

    • admin

      Dear |Ray,

      I’m sorry you haven’t heard anything. I’ve sent your details to Chris Shaw who is the chair of the panel and I’m sure he will invite you to join the group.

  2. patsalou/cookson

    westminster councel are not always the problam, it’s the people that are mainly the problam.
    All those air b&b people and students that are not told by there landlords to put the rubbish in the bins. Westminster need a big bin on each corner to solve the problam and Dustmen that clean up after them when they do a collection.