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1 February, 2020 | Info | 1 comment

credit dmitry 9

Credit Dmitry

We’ve had a few complaints that the web version of our consultation is not as easy to follow as the exhibition itself.  So we re-arranged the pages for you and hopefully, made it easier to follow and to comment.  Click here to go to the exhibition pages

We had an amazing response at the exhibition, but we still need your comments if you didn’t have a chance to go. You can download the questionnaire and send it to us, or you can browse through the panels leaving, your thoughts on each page on the website.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.  We hope to be able to show you very soon that we have listened and are responding to your ideas.

You can also email us at

1 Comment

  1. Lucinda Butlin

    Great letter about pedestrianization of Oxford Street etc. I have lived in Mortimer Street for 12 years. I hope they pay attention and think about those of us who live and work in Fitzrovia.