AGM 2021


Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM on 8th July.

We received an update on the Neighbourhood Plan with the reminder that the referendum on the plan is fixed for September 2nd and all residents and business owners in the FitzWest area get a vote.

Application forms for postal votes can be downloaded here and the deadline for registering for a postal vote is August 17th :

and should be returned to

There were two other short presentations –  one about greening ideas for the area and another one by Jace Tyrell from the New West End Company about how businesses are thriving and surviving post-pandemic.

There were also questions and contributions from members which led to interesting discussions and it was apparent how committed everyone is to making Fitzrovia a great place to live and work.

You can read the full minutes here: AGM Minutes 8.7.21

AGM 2021


Please join us for the AGM which, due to the ongoing restrictions, will be held via Zoom.

Your attendance at the AGM is particularly important this year as we will be discussing the forthcoming referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan.  There will be information available about the Plan and the referendum.

If you wish to attend, please email us at by 4pm on Wednesday 7th July and we will send you the necessary link, password and documents.



6.00pm      Welcome, report on recent work and invitation to join.  Julia Haythorn
6.15pm     ​​ Minutes of last AGM
6.20pm      Elections to the Executive.  Gwilym Harbottle
6.30pm      Presentation of accounts.  Yoram Blumann
6.35pm​ ​     Update on the Neighbourhood Plan and information about the upcoming referendum.
                    Nick Bailey   Q&A.
6.50pm      Update on greening and use of Tesco and CIL funding.  Gwilym Harbottle/Julia Haythorn  Q&A.
7.05pm      Guest speaker:  Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive, New West End Company on supporting the business
community after the pandemic.  Q&A.
7.25pm      AOB and further Q&A.
8.00pm      Ends

Oxford Circus Pedestrianisaton Plan


Westminster City Council has launched a new brochure setting out plans to create piazzas on  two sections of Oxford Street either side of Oxford Circus.  All traffic going east-west will be diverted northwards through Marylebone and Fitzrovia via John Princes Street, Mortimer Street and Great Portland Street.
Changes to traffic flows are also proposed in Fitzrovia West with part of Mortimer Street being made two-way and the direction of traffic in part of Great Titchfield Street and all of Newman Street and Berners street being reversed.  A number of new pedestrian crossings are being installed.
There is no mention of any provision for cyclists nor improved arrangements for servicing and deliveries.
All these changes are being introduced for six months on an ‘experimental’ basis which means the Council is not required to carry out full consultation before beginning work later this year.  It will, however, ‘carefully consider input from residents, businesses and other stakeholders’ once the work has been completed.
Full details are set out in the Oxford Street brochure:
The FitzWest Forum has written to West End ward members and Cllr Caplan, Deputy Leader, arguing that full consultation should be carried out now because of the potential impact of these changes on Fitzrovia, as well as Soho, Marylebone and Mayfair.
Referendum Vote

Fitzrovia West goes to the polls on 2nd Sept, 2021

Your time has come to vote in a referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan on 2nd  September 2021. Everyone registered to vote will be able to say whether they want the plan to influence planning decisions and create an improved environment for all those living in, working in and visiting the area. All businesses in the neighbourhood which pay business rates will also get a vote. The Fitzrovia Centre in Foley Street will be the polling station but you can also apply for a postal vote through this link:

One of the main functions of the Forum is to prepare a neighbourhood plan. This sets out a series of policies explaining how we’d like to see the area develop over the next 20 years. The plan has been based on extensive consultation and we work closely with community groups, statutory bodies and business organisations such as the New West End Company. The draft plan has been approved by an independent Examiner who has agreed it fits with other plans prepared by Westminster City Council and the Mayor of London.

We have had two very positive endorsements from Jace Tyrrell and Griff Rhys Jones:

It is only through working in partnership we will deliver improved cleaner air and a high quality street environment, with a vibrant mix of business and residential uses enhancing the built form and heritage of the area.‎ We encourage all local businesses to support the Neighbourhood Plan.

Jace Tyrrell, Chief Executive, New West End Company

Please do have a look at the plan; It’s important to your future. Both businesses and residents have the opportunity to assesses it, to vote for it, and to make it happen.  If you do, it can make a real difference to what happens, because by law it must be taken into account.

Griff Rhys Jones, President, Civic Voice

The final stage is the referendum of residents and businesses. If the majority vote in favour, the plan becomes an important statutory document which the Council has to take into account when considering planning applications. It also sets out other priorities and opportunities to influence the way budgets are spent to benefit the community and local environment.

You will receive further information about the referendum on 2nd September 2021 nearer the time but please have a look at the plan on our website ( and please vote ‘YES’!




More Greening and less Rubbish Dumping?


We want your ideas

The problem of on-street rubbish dumping and the need for more greenery are frequently mentioned by our members as important issues for all of us living and working in Fitzrovia.

The FitzWest Forum has supported various schemes to improve waste collection and deal with fly tipping. There is still a lot of progress to be made in this area and discussions are on going with Westminster Council on ways to deal with this.

One way to combat dumping is by improving the street scape – and a relatively quick way to do this is by planting and greening. The hope is that this will both deter dumping and also bring some much needed greenery into the area.  We are planning to apply for funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)  which is a levy that local authorities can choose to charge on new developments in their area. The money is used to support development by funding infrastructure that the council, local community and neighbourhoods want.

We are very keen to for our members to suggest where potential planting could take place. With the help of the wider membership last year, we had previously identified various ‘dumping hot spots’ which you can see on the map. We have two questions for you.

  1. Which of these do you think would be best suited for adding planters and greening?
  2. Are there any other places you would suggest? Several sites have been identified in the central area of FitzWest – but what about the North and South?

Please comment on this page or email your ideas to us at We will collect all the suggestions together and select the most popular locations for our application.

Secure Bicycle Storage

New Bike Hangars in Fitzrovia


Sixty-Four new hangars have been installed across Westminster and are now available for applications for an allocated space.

The council are allocating them to people who have applied and are on the waiting list.

Fitzrovia have two new ones on Great Titchfield Street and one each on the corners of Clipstone Street and Carburton Street and Great Titchfield Street

Contact to go on the waiting list.

If you miss out on a space during this offering, then the Council  advise that Westminster plans to install a further batch of cycle hangars later in 2021 if sites can be identified and there is continuing demand for them.

Building Works

Have your say on Planning and Licensing applications


Your chance to be involved

We want an opportunity for the wider membership of the FitzWest Forum to have an input into the Council decisions around planning and licensing and we are aware it is difficult for residents and businesses to keep track of the many applications that affect Fitzrovia.

So we are creating a small committee of local residents to keep an eye on applications and draw attention to ones that are important.  The committee will meet every 4-6 weeks, currently by Zoom, and discusses the implications of various applications.  It’s an opportunity to have a real input and affect on Council decisions, and great for people who don’t have a lot of time but want to be involved. This committee will then influence and shape the response of the Forum to the applications.

If you would like to be on this committee please contact 

As part of our aim to include more members in important decisions, we have added a new page to our website

Planning and Licensing

Here you will find  links to Westminster Council Planning and Licensing applications, a list of  applications curated by Fitzrovia News and information about  particular applications that affect the area and that you may want to comment on directly to the Council.

AGM 2020




Thank you to everyone who attended the FitzWest Forum AGM on 17th September 2020, because of the current restrictions, we held this meeting via Zoom and it was well attended.

Gwilym Harbottle, who was chairing the meeting, reported on the re-designation of the Forum and of various greening projects the Forum has been supporting.

Nicholas Bailey gave an update on the Neighbourhood Plan including the new delayed time scale owing to Covid restrictions.  We are currently waiting to hear the feedback from the independent examiner.

Full details can be found in the minutes available here.

Chris Martin of Urban Movement gave a presentation and took questions on the subject of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. The presentation is available here. 

The Executive elections took place and the full results are available in the minutes.


Yoram Blumann presented the accounts which are available to see here.

Secure Bicycle Storage

Have your say – Secure Bike Storage


The results of the bicycle storage consultation by Westminster Council are now available.

Read the full details here:  Secure Cycle Storage Report 

As well as the existing bike hangar in Bolsover Street, there are now plans for 3 bike hangars in the Clipstone/Great Titchfield Street area and 1 in Clipstone Street, (all Marylebone High Street Ward).

We have suggested to WCC that there may well be demand for secure bike storage in West End Ward area of FitzWest e.g. Riding House Street, Langham Street, Hanson Street and Gosfield Street.  The  council is seeking an indication of the level of demand from bicycle owners.  Apparently WCC identify suitable locations first and then consult residents within a 25 metre radius.  So if you live on one of these roads, or anywhere else in the area that you think would benefit from secure bicycle storage then email your request to the Council:



Westminster Council initiated the alfresco dining scheme through the summer period, but are now asking for proposals from businesses in specific areas who wish to continue further, up to March 2021.  Local hospitality businesses in Great Titchfield Street and Langham Street are seeking support for a continuation of the existing arrangements for outdoor dining (a) until March 2021 and (b) permanently thereafter.

The FitzWest Forum Executive agreed we  should support a continuation of the present arrangements until the end of March 2021 provided that (i) activities should cease by 10pm; (ii) no audible music outside the premises; (iii) business owners should be asked to work on the design of their spaces.

WCC are keen to hear from residents, community groups and businesses so if you support the scheme or have any feedback then write to the Council at  They are looking for feedback as soon as possible.

Gt Portland St Post Office

Great Portland Street Post Office to remain a 'Crown' Branch


It was announced earlier this month that the post office on Great Portland Street  will not be franchised and will remain a ‘crown’ branch for the time being.  The FitzWest Forum Executive welcomed this at the last meeting as it means all the services that local residents and businesses rely on will still be available.

You can read more about it in the Fitzrovia News.

Consulting the public after a public meeting


The Forum has submitted revised documentation on the FitzWest Plan and Westminster City Council has arranged a 10-week consultation period from 26th May to 4th August 2020.  We encourage all residents and businesses based in the area to read the Plan and submit their comments to the Council by the closing date.

The Plan’s main objectives are to integrate new development into the heritage of the area, create more affordable housing, support small shops and businesses, improve the environment and particularly air quality, promote greening through tree planting, green roofs and creating healthy streets by encouraging walking and cycling.

The draft Plan and supporting documentation are available on our Neighbourhood Plan page  For full information on the consultation process click here:

After this consultation stage, an Examiner appointed by the Council will review all the evidence and recommend any further changes to the Plan. A referendum will follow for both residents on the electoral roll and business rate payers.

All Invited.  We are planning a public meeting in July to discuss issues of greatest concern in the area. Full details to follow.

28th May 2020

Air Quality

This is a topic that is often raised by local residents and continues to be an important concern for residents and businesses.  Westminster City Council want your opinion on their new Air Quality Action Plan.

City of Westminster’s Air Quality Action Plan 2019-2024

Comments on the City of Westminster’s Air Quality Action Plan 2019-2024


Public realm improvements on Riding House Street between its junctions with Nassau Street and Cleveland Street. FM Conway, service provider to Westminster City Council, has been commissioned to undertake this consultation on behalf of the City Council.

City of Westminster’s Letter

FitzWest Forum Letter to Westminster City Council


Greening ideas – next steps

Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions and comments on the location of planting and  greening as a means to improve the streetscape and to deter rubbish dumping. There are plenty of locations -...

read more