Invitation to AGM including Oxford Circus information session

Invitation to AGM including Oxford Circus information session

Dear Members

All members of the Forum are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 18th May at 6pm at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, 25 Howland Street, W1T 4JG which will also feature:

  1. a presentation from Westminster Council and discussion about the changes to Oxford Circus traffic flow and how this will impact Fitzrovia
  2. a chance to hear about how the police are dealing with increased drug dealing on our streets

We look forward to welcoming you and for you to have a chance to meet your neighbours over a glass of wine.

If you are not able to attend in person, then a zoom link will be available for you to join virtually.  Please click here to request the link by email.



1. Welcome, Introductions and Apologies
2. Minutes of the last meeting. Available on Fitzwest website:
3. Election and re-election of Executive members. Any member can stand for election. Please let us know via email if would like to stand.  Candidates should be prepared to say briefly why they should be elected. If you can’t attend please send a few lines about who you are and why you should be elected.
4. Amending the constitution. Proposal: to amend the constitution so as to reduce the AGM quorum from 20 to 10 and the Executive quorum from 6 to 5. These changes would require a 75% majority of those voting. 10% of members can always call a general meeting to reverse such a decision.
5. Presentation of accounts
6. Proposed changes to traffic flow at Oxford Circus – Oxford Street Team, Westminster Council
7. Dealing with anti-social behaviour and drug dealing in FitzWest
8. Updates on current CIL projects
9. Any other business

CIL News and AGM date

Successful CIL application for funding

Fitzrovia Community Centre has been awarded £22,583 to fund further developments and refurbishments. The project will cover the laying of new flooring, increased security and health and safety measures, and small furnishings. This project is part of a wider programme to make the community centre more accessible and welcoming, to meet the growing need for community centres and programmes in the local area. The cabinet member report also highlighted that community uses such as a community centre is identified as a priority infrastructure type in local CIL policy.

You can read the full Cabinet Report that includes all Westminster applications here.

Update on other CIL projects

New Cavendish Street planters

This project has been extremely slow to come to fruition due to the lengthy road safety assessments and access plans which are being done by Conways on behalf of WCC. Rest assured, the Forum is constantly asking for information as we are keen to get the planters in position as soon as we can.

AGM – Thursday 18th May 2023

Our AGM will be at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre on Howland Street at 6pm on Thursday 18th May 2023.

Full details to follow, but the focus will be on the new WCC plans for Oxford Street. Come and find out plans to change traffic flow and pavement size at Oxford Circus and how this will affect Fitzrovia. Have your say about the plans. There will also be updates on CIL applications for funding plans for our area.


Waste Action Squad this week in Fitzrovia

Rubbish dumping and problems with waste are big problems for us all in Fitzrovia – and are certainly issues that come up with regularity at all of our meetings.

So we are pleased to share with you some of the steps that are being taken by Westminster Council to deal with this issue.

Here is a communication from Rob McCrae, the Senior City Inspector at Westminster Council about what is happening this week:

I would like to update you on the upcoming plans for a Waste Action Squad to tackle the challenge of dumped waste and littering.  The Waste Action Squad will be a multi-agency team working with the community to identify effective solutions to address dumping hotspots through a trial programme, across Westminster.

This will start on Monday 24th October 2022 with a week of action focused on hotspots within the Fitzrovia ward area.

  The key objectives for the team are:

·        To provide a highly visible operation that shows this is an area of focus and that we are acting against persistent problems.

·        To engage residents in a meaningful conversation about waste problems in their neighbourhood. To gather insight into how these could be tackled together and educate on the best ways of disposing of their waste to keep their streets clean and tidy.

·        To create an action plan following the engagement to tackle these issues.

Below is a timeline for the week of engagement, the Waste Action Squad will be available at various different times on different days throughout the week, from 11am through to 9pm around the area providing education and enforcement on street and engaging with our residents and businesses.

Day & Time




14:00 – 16:00


19:00 – 21:00


AM: James Street j/w Oxford Street


PM: Bird Street/Barratt Street




11:00 – 13:00


15:30 – 17:30


AM: Great Portland Street Gazebo

PM: Great Titchfield Street



10:00 – 12:00


15:00- 17:00


AM: Wells Street


PM: Market Place (South) Gazebo



12:00 – 14:00


16:00 – 18:00


AM: Langham Street


PM: Foley Street



12:00 – 14:00


16:00 – 18:00



AM: Hanson Street


PM: New Cavendish Street

AGM and ideas for community funding projects wanted

AGM and ideas for community funding projects wanted

The Fitzwest Forum AGM last week was a great chance to hear about ongoing and future projects funded by the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and to hear Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg speaking about the Fitzrovia environment and how the Council are dealing with environmental issues. 

You can read the minutes here.

We were treated to interesting presentations on the following CIL projects:


  • All Souls School Playground Renewal
  • Carburton St Greening
  • Soho Poly Theatre
  • Market Place Greening and Development
  • New Cavendish Street Planters


More details are available on our website: CIL Projects

For those who couldn’t attend or didn’t get a chance to leave their ideas, we would very much like to hear from you.  These further ideas will be added to the suggestions from the AGM and the public meeting earlier in the year.

Ideas for funding should align to the Fitzwest Neighbourhood Plan and the recently amended priorities of Westminster Council which are:


  • Affordable housing (enabling)
  • Green transition
  • Sustainable and active travel
  • Community facilities
  • Accessible and inclusive public spaces


Please email us with your ideas on

Agenda for AGM – Thursday 13th October 6pm

Please find details of the agenda below and do get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Agenda for Fitzwest Forum AGM Thursday 13th October 6pm
  1. Welcome
  2. Authorisation of late meeting
  3. Presentation of accounts
  4. Elections to the executive including new volunteers
  5. Presentation(s) on CIL projects including Market Place
  6. Cllr. Paul Dimoldenberg to speak on environmental issues in Fitzrovia
  7. Discussion on possible CIL projects – you can read the notes from the CIL meeting in February here.